Friday, 14 August 2009

Stardoll's turning boring?!

Is stardoll turning boring right now or what?! 3 famous stardoll blogs are retiring. Perez hilton of stardoll, one of my favourite blogs on stardoll along with it's stardoll gossip b!tch. The blog has made stardoll history. The second blog is the stardoll A list which was an okay blog which was better at the beggining when it was just her writing I have to say. It did have a big effect on stardoll though with some stardoll elites trying to mkae their mark on the blog. The third is Tyler's top trends, I honestly don't care about that blog. I've don't read it, I find Tyler unlikeable to be honest but the blog was a favourite to some people.

So have people got sick of the stardoll gossip scene?!
I'm not, to be honest I want it back. What do you think?

Amelia321 x

Thursday, 13 August 2009

LaPrimaDonna, attention seeker or the real thing? - Part 1

As most people would know by now, rumours are circulating around our little gossip world that LaPrimaDonna is Perez and Perez (Perezstargossip) is Sophia (ChanelNo.5). Well, it's hardly a rumour when LaPrimaDonna admits it on her presentation and puts Perez on her best friends with a little "It's me! =]" note at the bottom, but where is our gossip queen when it comes to confirm this? Is she on a little break from stardoll or is she just trying to cover up what she already started and make the hacking excuses that LaPrimaDonna made up seem true? Well, I've decided to dig deeper in our treasure chest of gossip and see what clues lurk at the bottom of it all....

First clue - cover up the lips and you could mistake Perez with LPD, and LPD has had the same features since coming on stardoll, she didn't change them when making up the whole Perez/LaPrimaDonna thing. Maybe Perez thought this was a good look so she put it on all her medolls she's made?

Second Clue(s) - When the rumour first broke out on gossip girl of stardoll that Perez, LaPrimaDonna and ChanelNo.5 are the same person Kasia commented on the post saying:

"Well, there are a handful of clues. If this is true; they were all successful writers - ChanelNo.5 wrote for Style Magazine maybe giving her dirt that she would post using her Perez or LPD accounts, the first clubs that they all joined were each other's, and they all took multiple month breaks from Stardoll at the same time. But who knows? There are two sides to every story. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure ChanelNo.5 showed up to a few of Perez's parties at the same time as Perez, so maybe they're just secretly close friends, or this could just be a coincidence and they're not the same person at all. Even though this theory is very old, I still wouldn't believe it yet. :)". Later on in the post she commented again:

"From my experience, Perez and ChanelNo.5 were both very friendly to me. Of course LPD wasn't the friendliest, but she would still reply to my messages and questions. I was never super close to any of them though, so I never really knew what was going on 'behind-the-scenes'."

I totally agree with everything Kasia wrote (No, I'm not an ass-kisser) except for the bit at the end of the first comment. I've done it before, it's easy to show up in a party with two multiple accounts. You just open two windows without choosing the remember me option :). A smart girl like Perez could have done that easily. Perez must have thought to herself that going to the same party at the same time as her other account will make it seem less suspicious. Good thinking, Perez. :)

Kasia sure gave us a whole lot of clues which make this story seem a lot more true.

Third clue - When Perez Hilton Of Stardoll first started off LaPrimaDonna was in quite a few of PSG's posts. Was this the only gossip Perez could find back then? The one her own account made? If so, she sure made LaPrimaDonna famous because to be honest, I'd never even heard of LaPrimaDonna before those posts came out. If Perez is LaPrimaDonna she sure went a long way to cover it up, even by saying that there are rumours going round that LaPrimaDonna and Daily*tabloid are the same person.

Looking through all these clues I am 65% sure that Perez and LPD are the same person. More clues will be posted on here tomorrow including how Sophia could of been a part of this.

Amelia -xo

Sorry... :(

I know, I know. I have been neglecting this blog for a couple of days, I was a bit busy. But trust me, we're going to get this blog back on track. We're going to bring you, our awesome readers, the latest gossip.
Amelia321 -xo

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Halloween trick or cheating. Basically we're cheating and having an early Halloween party. (:

Where? My guestbook (Amelia321)
When? Saturday, 15th August. 7:00pm GMT. To get the time for your country click here
Why? I've come back after a two month leave.... and we're seriously bored.
Wear? Think Halloween. Costumes, vampires, slutty bunnies. I think you get the whole idea ;)


Dollywood gossip is under SERIOUS construction (:

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dan Puffs? A girl? Shocking.

Dan puffs is a girl? Say it ain't so. :O
Read the proof here

Well, I'm 99.9% sure that all of this is true. I'll be very dissapointed if it's not... =/
The proof is very believable to be honest.
What do you think about this?
Do you think that Dan/Scarlett/Bella is a girl?

Amelia321 (:

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Welcome (:

Well, some of you may think it's a bit strange that the title of this post is called welcome even though this blog has been running for over two months now, but I've deleted all the old posts because since taking a break from stardoll, I want a new start. I want to be myself and I don't want to get pressured into trying to be an elite. Well, this blog is going to be amazing soon. All of the posts will be to do with stardoll and there will be a mix of gossip and fashion posts. I think that I was trying to hard to get gossip posts into this blog before but that's gonna change. Anyway, I hope you like the new dollywood gossip when it gets started with but for now I'm going to find some juicy gossip for all you people on stardoll.